PACE Triad Welcomes Representative Ralph C. Johnson

PACE of the Triad was honored to host Representative Ralph C. Johnson as he visited our PACE site in Greensboro. Representative Johnson is a member of the Homeland Security Committee, Military and Veteran’s Affairs Committee, Education (Universities) Committee, and the Justice and Public Safety Appropriations Committee, among others. Representative spent time with our staff and our participants on Friday, August 14, 2015 in our Adult Day Health Center.

Representative Ralph C. Johnson visits PACE, greets Transportation Coordinator Bill Holder.


While visiting PACE of the Triad, Representative Johnson had an opportunity to observe our group therapy services, regular dental clinic and our activities program.  He was also pleased to recognize a PACE participant from his district.  Representative Johnson was very complementary of PACE services and of our dedicated staff.  Several times Representative Johnson commented on our participants, saying, “the people are so happy. They all have smiles on their faces!”  Representative Johnson also agreed to go back to the General Assembly and encourage his colleagues to visit a PACE program in their district.  If no program exists in their particular district, he will encourage them to visit the nearest PACE program to see the good work being done for elderly dual beneficiaries in our communities.

We were so excited to host Representative Johnson, and hope he and his peers will visit with us again soon!

Representative Ralph C. Johnson and PACE Triad Executive Director, Ursula Robinson, chat with participants during Representative Johnson’s visit.