“PACE provides everything I need in one place”… Gloria Bernstein

-My PACE Story, as told to Maya Waters, Student Intern


My name is Gloria Bernstein. I was born in Louisiana and raised in Spokane, WA. My daughter heard about PACE from a friend and suggested that I try it out. Since then I have been here for three years. Before I started coming to PACE, I lived in a two-story home with my daughter where I was frequently falling on the steps. I was also on medical treatments such as chemotherapy and several different medications.

Since I have been with PACE, I have been able to work with the physical therapists and doctors. I have also reached certain health goals such as getting off of most of the medications I was taking.

Being at PACE has not just helped me medically, but socially. I love interacting with everyone at PACE. Being here keeps me active and I love meeting new people. Participating in the activities is also a plus. PACE provides everything I need in one place. Before starting the program, I was apprehensive at first. I soon realized how “at home” and welcomed I felt at PACE. PACE is the best thing that could have happened to me.

Since I joined PACE, I have moved into a one-story home to prevent falls and maintain good health. I have also made a lot of friends. Special events such as Fall Prevention Awareness Month at PACE keep me informed on how to stay healthy and active. Having my physical therapy, healthcare provider and social activities all in one building also help so I don’t have to go place to place. I appreciate everything PACE has done for me.

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than PACE”… Judy Doss, Eden, NC

-My PACE Story, as told to Diana Parker, Student Intern

Before I joined PACE, I lived in hospitals. I was constantly in nursing homes and emergency rooms for almost the last 2 years. It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t do anything. I felt like I was in the land of the dead.

The first day I came to PACE, I got off the van, walked in the building (using a cane) and collapsed on the bench. I’ve never been able to hold my head up for more than 10 or 15 minutes. The rehab therapy staff worked with me to do special exercises. Now I’m walking and I don’t use anything. Now I sit up all day long, every day. I’m able to participate in everything they do.

I guess you could call me a walking miracle only because of PACE. I was going to specialists before but they didn’t get this kind of result. I mean liver specialists! I’m talking big hospitals! If my previous doctors could see me now they would be shocked and would probably say, “Why couldn’t I do that for her?” I’m getting the right kind of medicine, the right kind of exercise, the right foods and I don’t have any complaints. I love PACE. It’s my life besides my children and grandchildren.

Before PACE, I was always in such pain and just shriveled up on the bed too sick to talk. Now they can’t get me to shut up! I’m in the land of the living! There’s no other way to describe it. Everybody here is doing such a wonderful job. I feel safe and secure as soon as I walk through those doors. I know I’m going to be taken care of and be treated with respect as a person. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than PACE, except church.

“PACE is a place where I need to be”…Wallace Slade, Greensboro, NC

-My PACE Story, as told to Kris Dennis, Student Intern

My name is Wallace Slade. I am 77 years old and from Greensboro NC. I was in a severe motor vehicle accident a few years ago and heard about PACE from a home-based nurse. I am unable to walk and had been involved in physical therapy

for some time in hopes of learning how to function at a greater level. The nurse said she would put my name in and I received a phone call to tour PACE the next week. PACE seemed to have everything that I was looking for so I decided to enroll.

PACE is a place where I need to be. They made me stronger than I had been in a quite some time, and they keep me motivated to never give up. I enjoy everything about PACE because everybody seems to be happy here. I enjoy it so much that I tell everyone about PACE every chance I get. I will go into church and tell people if you want to go to a place where the people are nice, food is good, every day is fun, and everybody is happy, go to PACE.

My favorite thing to do at PACE is talk to people. I look forward to talking to everybody about random topics and making people laugh. Talking to people will allow you to learn things you would have never guessed along with create great relationships.

If I could have one wish granted, I definitely would ask for the chance to be able to walk again. Nothing in life should be taken lightly because you never know what may happen to you tomorrow, but always be thankful to be alive. As long as you’re alive, there is always a chance to make a change. I love PACE and I know that PACE loves me. I have been a PACE participant for almost three years.

“I would recommend PACE to anyone who wants to feel important and welcomed”…Doris Brock, Greensboro, NC

-My PACE Story, as told to Kris Dennis, Student Intern

I’ve attended PACE for over two years and I love this place! I first read about PACE in the newspaper and was inspired to come tour the facility. At the time, I was having major issues with my blood pressure getting too high. I also had an injured right knee and had been diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a lung disease.

 The thing I love most about PACE is the fact that the doctors are always here. The biggest challenge I face every day is my diabetes. My sugar drops often and it sometimes scares me. If my blood pressure is giving me trouble, the staff keeps an eye on me. I was never involved in any type of physical or occupational therapy, before I came. PACE has helped me become more mobile. The staff is amazing. They listen and never seem to be in a hurry. I also love to play Bingo and mind games.

Before joining PACE, I also had problems with being patient when socializing with others. I had a tendency to “catch a quick attitude” anytime somebody said something out of the ordinary or if they didn’t respond to things the ways I had expected. PACE has actually changed this! I’ve realized that the reason for my behavior was because I was living alone and so independent. When you surround yourself with others of so many different backgrounds, you learn to respect diversity and to adjust to different personalities. Everybody is different and that’s the one thing you learn at PACE. The participants are wonderful and it is a loving environment. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to feel important and welcomed.